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Page Title: Section I. INTRODUCTION
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TM 11-6130-429-40P
deteriorative in nature.
1. Scope
PD -- Support item, excluding support equipment,
This manual lists spares and repair parts; special tools;
procured for initial issue or outfitting and
special test, measurement, and diagnostic equipment
stocked only for subsequent or additional
(TMDE), and other special support equipment required
initial issues or out fittings. Not subject to
for performance of general support maintenance of the
automatic replenishment.
CV-3735/T. It authorizes the requisitioning and issue
PE -- Support equipment procured and stocked for
of spares and repair parts as indicated by the source and
initial issue or outfitting to specified main-
maintenance codes.
tenance repair activities.
PF -- Support equipment which will not be stocked
2. General
but which will be centrally procured on de-
This Repair Parts and Special Tools List is divided into
the following sections:
Item procured and stocked to provide for sus-
a. Section II. Repair Parts List. A list of spares and
tained support for the life of the equipment.
repair parts authorized for use in the performance of
It is applied to an item peculiar to the equip-
maintenance. The list also includes parts which must be
ment which, because of probable discontin-
removed for replacement of the authorized parts. Parts
uance or shutdown of production facilities,
lists are composed of functional groups in numeric se-
would prove uneconomical to reproduce at a
quence, with the parts in each group listed in figure and
later time.
item number sequence.
K D -- An item of a depot overhaul/repair kit and not
b. Section III. Special Tools List. A list of special
purchased separately. Depot kit defined as a
tools, special TMDE, and other special support equip-
kit that provides items required at the time of
ment authorized for the performance of maintenance.
overhaul or repair.
c. Section IV. National Stock Number and Part
K F -- An item of a maintenance kit and not purchas-
Number Index. A list, in National item identification
ed separately. Maintenance kit defined as a
number (NIIN) sequence, of all National stock numbers
kit that provides an item that can be replaced
(NSN) appearing in the listings, followed by a list, in
at organizational or intermediate levels of
alphameric sequence, of all part numbers appearing in
the listings. National stock numbers and part numbers
KB -- Item included in both a depot overhaul/repair
are cross-referenced to each illustration figure and item
kit and a maintenance kit.
number appearance.
MO -- Item to be manufactured or fabricated at
organizational level.
3. Explanation of Columns
MF -- Item to be manufactured or fabricated at the
a. Illustration. This column is divided as follows:
direct support maintenance level.
(1) Figure number. Indicates the figure number of
MH -- Item to be manufactured or fabricated at the
the illustration of which the item is shown.
general support maintenance level.
(2) Item number. The number used to identify item
MD -- Item to be manufactured or fabricated at the
called out in the illustration.
depot maintenance level.
b. Source, Maintenance, and Recoverability (SMR)
AO -- Item to be assembled at organizational level.
AF  -- Item to be assembled at direct support main-
(1) Source code. Source codes indicate the manner
tenance level.
of acquiring support items for maintenance, repair, or
AH -- Item to be assembled at general support main-
overhaul of end items, Source codes are entered in the
tenance level.
first and second positions of the Uniform SMR Code
AD -- Item to be assembled at depot maintenance
format as follows:
XA -- Item is not procured or stocked because the re-
quirements for the item will result in the re-
P A -- Item procured and stocked for anticipated or
placement of the next higher assembly.
known usage.
X B -- Item is not procured or stocked, If not avail-
PB  -- Item procured and stocked for insurance pur-
able through salvage, requisition.
pose because essentiality dictates that a mini-
XC  -- Installation drawing, diagram, instruction
mum quantity be available in the supply
sheet, field service drawing, that is identified
by manufacturer's part number.
PC  -- Item procured and stocked and which other-
wise would be coded PA except that it is
XD -- A support item that is not stocked. When re-

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