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Page Title: Cover Removal and Replacement
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TM 11-6130-429-40
a. Cover Removal and Replacement (fig. 2-10).
(f) Replace rear panel (para 2-9c) above.
e. Printed Circuit Board A1 Removal and Replace-
(1) Removal.
(a) Remove five top screws.
(1) Removal.
(b) Remove six left screws and six right side
(a) Remove two screws, lockwashers,
flatwashers, and clamps.
(c) Lift off cover.
(b) Disconnect J1 from P1.
(2) Replacement.
(a) Ensure heatsink has a thin coating of ther-
(c) Remove two screws, lockwashers,
flatwashers, and clamps.
mal compound.
(d) Disconnect J2 from P2.
(b) Position cover over converter.
(e) Remove two small flathead screws.
(c) Install six right side screws, six left side
(f) Remove five screws, lockwashers, and
screws, and tighten.
(d) Install five top screws and tighten.
(g) Remove A1.
b. Front Panel Removal and Replacement (fig.
(2) Replacement.
(1) Removal.
(a) Install A1 by lining up.
(a) Remove two screws and washers.
(b) Install five flatwashers, lockwashers,
screws, and tighten.
(b) Place converter on side, remove two hex
(c) Install two screws and tighten.
nuts, lockwashers, flatwashers, and panhead screws
(d) Connect P2 to J2.
securing gusset.
(e) Install two clamps, flatwashers, lockwash-
(c) Swing front panel up, tag and unsolder all
ers, screws and tighten.
leads, remove front panel.
(f) Connect P1 to J1.
(2) Replacement.
(a) Position front panel in place, solder all
(g) Install two clamps, flatwashers, lockwash-
leads to their respective terminals.
ers, screws and tighten.
f. Printed Circuit Board A2 Removal and Replace-
(b) Replace two panhead screws, flatwashers,
lockwashers, and nuts.
(1) Removal.
(c) Replace two screws and washers.
(a) If necessary to remove A2 PCB, refer to the
c. Rear Panel Removal and Replacement (fig.
schematic (fig. FO-2); then tag and unsolder leads.
(b) Remove three screws and flatwashers.
(1) Removal.
(c) Remove two screws, flatwashers, and move
(a) Remove two guide pins, tag and unsolder
all leads.
wire harness with clamps aside.
(b) Remove rear panel.
(d) Remove protective coating at wire lead
(2) Replacement.
connections of A2.
(2) Replacement.
(a) Position rear panel in place. Solder all leads
(a) Install A2 and aline mounting holes.
to their respective terminals.
(b) Aline cable clamps, install two flatwashers,
(b) Replace two guide pins and tighten.
screws, and tighten.
d. Heatsink Removal and Replacement (fig. 2-10).
(c) Install three flatwashers, screws, and
(1) Removal.
(a) Remove printed circuit board A1 (para
(d) Solder leads to printed wiring conductor.
g. Baseplate Removal and Replacement (fig.
(b) Remove rear panel (para c above).
(c) Remove two screws, flatwashers and move
(1) Removal.
wire harness with cable clamps aside.
(a) Remove front panel (para 2-9b above).
(d) Remove sets of two screws and four
(b) Remove rear panel (para 2-9c above).
screws, respectively.
(c) Set converter upside down on bench with
(2) Replacement.
front panel hanging over.
(a) Ensure heatsink has a thin coating of ther-
(d) Remove heatsink (para 2-9d above).
mal compound on bottom.
(f) Lift off baseplate.
(b) Slide heatsink straight in and aline with
(2) Replacement.
mounting holes.
(a) Aline baseplate over A1P1.
(c) Replace sets of four screws and two screws.
(c) Replace heatsink (para 2-9d above).
(d) Aline cable clamps, replace two
(d) Replace rear panel (para 2-9c above).
flatwashers and two screws and tighten.
(e) Replace A1 (para 2-9e).
(e) Replace front panel (para 2-9b above).

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