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Page Title: Section I. INTRODUCTION
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TM 11-6130-429-20P
(2) Maintenance code.  Maintenance codes are
1. Scope
assigned to indicate the levels of maintenance authoriz-
This manual lists spares and repair parts; special tools;
e d to USE and REPAIR support items. The
special test, measurement, and diagnostic equipment
maintenance codes are entered in the third and fourth
(TMDE), and other special support equipment required
positions of the Uniform SMR Code format as follows:
for performance of organizational maintenance of the
(a) The maintenance code entered in the third
CV-3734/T. It authorizes the requisitioning and issue
position will indicate the lowest maintenance level
of spares and repair parts as indicated by the source and
authorized to remove, replace, and use the support
maintenance codes.
item. The maintenance code entered in the third posi-
tion will indicate one of the following levels of
2. General
This Repair Parts and Special Tools List is divided into
the following sections:
Application /Explanation
a. Section II. Repair Parts List. A list of spares and
O  -- Support item is removed, replaced, used at the
repair parts authorized for use in the performance of
organizational level.
maintenance, The list also includes parts which must be
(b) The maintenance code entered in the fourth
removed for replacement of the authorized parts. Parts
position indicates whether the item is to be repaired and
lists are composed of functional groups in numeric se-
identifies the lowest maintenance level with the capabili-
quence, with the parts in each group listed in figure and
ty to perform complete repair (i e., all authorized
item number sequence.
maintenance functions). This position will contain one
b. Section III. Special Tools List. Not applicable.
of the following maintenance codes:
c. Section IV. National Stock Number and Part
Application /Explanation
Number Index. A list, in National item identification
number (NIIN) sequence, of all National stock numbers
-- The lowest maintenance level capable of com-
(NSN) appearing in the listings, followed by a list, in
plete repair of the support item is the general
alphameric sequence, of all part numbers appearing in
support level.
the listings. National stock numbers and part numbers
Z  -- Nonreparable. No repair is authorized.
are cross-referenced to each illustration figure and item
(3) Recoverability code. Recoverability codes are
number appearance.
assigned to support items to indicate the disposition ac-
tion on unserviceable items. The recoverability code is
3. Explanation of Columns
entered in the fifth position of the Uniform SMR Code
a. Illustration. This column is divided as follows:
format as follows:
(1) Figure number. Indicates the figure number of
the illustration of which the item is shown.
(2) Item number. The number used to identify item
called out in the illustration.
Z  -- Nonreparable item. When unserviceable, con-
b. Source, Maintenance, and Recoverability (SMR)
demn and dispose at the level indicated in
position 3.
(1) Source code. Source codes indicate the manner
H  -- Reparable item.  When uneconomically
of acquiring support items for maintenance, repair, or
reparable, condemn and dispose at the general
overhaul of end items. Source codes are entered in the
support level.
first and second positions of the Uniform SMR Code
c. National Stock Number. Indicates. the National
format as follows:
stock number assigned to the item and will be used for
requisitioning purposes.
d. Federal Supply Code for Manufacturer (FSCM).
-- Item procured and stocked for anticipated or
The FSCM is a 5-digit numeric code listed in SB
known usage.
708-41 /42 which is used to identify the manufacturer,
-- Item is not procured or stocked. If not avail-
distributor, or Government agency, etc.
able through salvage, requisition.
e. Part Number. Indicates the primary number used by
the manufacturer (individual, company, firm, corpora-
Cannibalization or salvage may be used as a
tion, or Government activity), which controls the design
source of supply for any items source coded
and characteristics of the item by means of its engineering
above except those coded XA and aircraft sup-
drawings, specifications, standards, and inspection re-
port items as restricted by AR 750-1.
quirements to identify an item or range of items.

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