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Page Title: Inverter Repairs - continued
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TM 11-6130-377-14
(8) Remove
(26) Perform a function verification (para 6-22)
to check for proper performance.
lockwashers securing the heat sink assembly to the left
side of the heat sink duct.
c. Diode A1CR3 (A1CR5).
(1) Position DC circuit breaker A1CB1 to
Use care not to damage or loosen
(2) Open front indicator panel.
leads connected to the heat sink
(3) Remove seven screws and lockwashers
securing the vent panel to the left side panel. Remove
the vent panel.
(9) Carefully move the heat sink assembly to
(4) Unsolder wire No. 52 and 53 from A1CR3
the right and lift it forward to gain access to the
(5) Measure  the  forward  and  reverse
(10) Tag all electrical leads attached to the
resistance of A1CR3 (A1CR5). If shorted, replace the
diodes to ensure proper reassembly.
defective diode as follows:
(11) Disconnect the electrical leads going to
(6) Remove the nut and lockwasher securing
the diode to be removed.
the diode to the bracket and remove the diode.
(12) Remove the diode using a one and one
(7) Install the replacement diode in the
quarter inch open end wrench and a one and one eighth
bracket and secure with the lockwasher and nut.
inch socket mount on a torque handle.
(8) Solder the electric wires nos. 52 and 53
(13) Redistribute
to their respective terminals.
compound on the heat sink and apply a small amount of
(9) Position the vent panel on the left side
the compound on the new diode.
panel and align the screw holes.  Install the seven
(14) Wrap the diode stud threads with two to
lockwashers and screws and tighten screws.
three turns of Permacel 2 mil Kapton E 6761 1/2 inch
(10) Close the front indicator panel and secure
wide tape.
with four captive screws.
(15) Replace  cracked  or  broken  mica
(11) Perform a functional verification (para 6-
insulating washers with Delbert-Blenn MW 1.625-
22) to check for proper operation.
.75.006 mica washers.
d. Thyristor (SCR) (A1Q2) (1973 Model Only).
(16) Position new diode on the heat sink and
(1) Position DC circuit breaker A1CB1 to
torque the retaining nut 250 to 325 inch pounds.
(17) Test diode prior to installation of leads,
(2) Open front indicator panel.
high pot the diode to heat sink at 500 vac RMS. There
should be no breakdown or leakage current.
(3) Disconnect the electrical connector A1P1
from its receptacle A1A2J1 on the inverter drive circuit
(18) Reconnect the electrical leads to the
board A1A2.
(4) Remove four screws securing the inverter
(19) Position heat sink assembly in heat sink
drive circuit board A1A2 and remove the board.
duct and secure with eight screws, lockwashers and flat
(5) Remove ten screws, lockwashers and flat
washers securing heat sink duct cover to heat sink duct
(20) Position heat sink cover on heat sink duct
and remove cover.
and align screw holes.
(6) Disconnect electric lead (wire No. 49)
(21) Install ten screws, lockwashers, and flat
from anodes of diodes A1CR6 and A1CR7.
washers in their respective holes and tighten screws.
(7) Remove screen from heat sink exhaust
(22) Position the inverter drive circuit board
(front opening on right side panel).
A1A2 on the stand-offs of the heat sink cover and align
the mounting holes.
(8) Measure the resistance between wire no.
49 and the flag terminal (cathode) of SCR A1Q2. If a
(23) Install four screws and lockwashers and
short is evident replace A1Q2 as follows.
tighten screws.
(9) Working from the front panel opening
(24) Connect plug A1P1 to its receptacle
remove the two bolts and washers located on the
A1A2J1 on the inverter drive circuit board A1A2.
underside of the heat sink tunnel, securing the No. 2
(25) Close front indicator panel and secure the
heat sink assembly.
four captive screws.
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