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Page Title: Complete Assembly of Inverter
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TM 11-6125-259-30
i. Remove fan assembly by removing three screws
housing (12) with eight nuts (24).
(25), three synclamps (31), front screen (28), fan
d. Install A6 component assembly (16) on
adapter (29) and fan (30).
housing (12) with six spacers (2), two nuts (24), two
lockwashers (2) and two flat washers (22).
j. Remove A7 component assembly (17) by
removing six screws (20), six lockwashers (21) and
e. Install A7 component assembly (17) on housing
six flat washers (22).
(12) with six screws (20), six lockwashers (21) and six
flat washers (22).
f. Install fan assembly on housing (12), as follows:
Hardware removed in k and l below is
line up front screen (28), fan adapter (29) and fan (30)
associated with housing (12) studs.
on inside of housing (12); install parts with three
k. Remove A6 component assembly (16) by
screws (25) and three synclamps (31).
removing six spacers (23), two nuts (24), two
lockwashers (21), and two flat washers (22).
In order to install the two screws (3) on
l. Remove unclad board (15) and clad board (14)
front (fan) side of A2 module it will be
by removing eight nuts (24).
necessary to temporarily remove two
m. Remove transformer T1 (10) by removing four
screws, two lockwashers two flat washers
screws (13).
and two cable clamps on A2 module
n. Remove transformer T2 (11) by removing four
which block access to the two front
Screws (13).
screws (3). Replace these items after the
o. All modules, component assemblies and parts
two front screws (3) are installed.
are now disassembled from housing (12).
g. Install A2 module (26) on housing (12) with five
3-10. Complete Assembly of Inverter
screws (3) and five flat washers (2).
h. Install A3 mosulw on housing (12) with five
screws (3) and five flat washers (2).
Position large transformer T1 (10), fig.
i. Install A4 module (5) with four screws (8), four
3-21) so leads 1 through 3 are on same
lockwashers (7), four flat washers (2) and four cable
side of housing (12) as A2 model (26).
clamps (4 and 6).
a. Install transformer T1(10) on housing (12) with
j. Install A5 module (34) with two screws (32), two
four screws (13).
lockwashers (7) and two flat washers (2); and two
screws (8), two lockwashers (7), two flat washers (2)
Position small transformer T2(11) so
and two cable clamps (4 and 6).
leads 4 through 15 are on same side of
k. Install Al module with three screws (3) and
housing (12) as A2 assembly (26).
three flat washers (2); and four screws (32), four
lockwashers (7) and four flat washers (2).
b. Install transformer T2 (11) on housing (12) with
l. Install rear cover (9) with three screws (3) and
four screws (13).
three washers (2); and four screws (3), four lock-
washers (7) and four flat washers (2).
Hardware installed in c and d below is
m. Install bottom cover (18) with six screws (19)
installed on housing (12) studs.
n. Install top cover (1) with 34 screws (3) and 34
c. Install unclad board (15) and clad board (14) on
flat washers (2).
High voltages and currents are present on disassembled inverter when it is
energized. Do not touch any exposed wiring or any metal point inside inverter.
Lethal shock could result.
3-11. General
3-12. Bias Regulator Voltage Adjustment (R511)
Adjusts listed in paragraphs 3-12 through 3-15
a. Remove top cover (1, fig. 3-21) by removing 34
screws (3) and 34 flat washers (2).
may be performed individually, as needed, or may be
performed in the sequence given.

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