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Page Title: Static Inverter Circuit Description
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TM 11-6125-259-30
alternately shorted to ground by a switching circuit
overcurrent sense logic circuit for detection of an
(Q206, Q207, Q208, Q306, Q307, Q308). The cycle is:
overcurrent condition. After the five-second
(1) first choke shorted to ground for heavy current
duration, the inverter output is cycled off and on
flow. (2) first choke removed from ground and stored
until the overcurrent condition is corrected.
energy of choke released to heavy duty capacitors,
i. Major and Minor Drive. The major and minor
(3) second choke shorted to ground for heavy current
drive circuits receive the waveform from the drive
flow, (4) second choke removed from ground and
logic circuit and provides an amplification and
stored energy of choke released to heavy duty
buffering of these waveforms for the major and
capacitors, (5) cycle repeated. All during periods (2),
minor bridge converter circuits.
j. Major and Minor Bridge Converters. The major
(3), and (4), first choke is not shorted to ground and
and minor bridge converters receive amplified and
is free to release energy to heavy duty capacitors;
buffered waveform signals from the major and
each choke then has one period of high current flow
minor drive circuits. The waveform signals are
where it builds up energy and three periods of
converted into quasi sine waveshapes (chopped dc
releasing the energy to capacitors C401A and
waveforms); one uniquely phased quasi waveshape
C401B. Also, note that every other cycle, (2) and (3),
for the major and another for the minor converter.
no choke is being shorted to ground. In detail
These quasi sine wave forms are fed into the major
during heavy current flow period, energy will be
(T1) and minor (T2) transformers where they are
stored in the choke equal to one-half the inductance
superimposed upon each other to produce the 3,
times the current squared. The stored energy is
115 vac, 400 Hz, sine wave output voltage.
alternately released for each choke and discharges
k. Output EMI (Electromagnetic Interference)
through diode CR307 and CR207 to charge
Filter. The output EMI filter reduces conducted and
capacitors C401A and C401B which creates the 37
radiated energy.
vdc supply. Diodes CR307 and CR207 block current
k. Output Filter. The filter is tuned to the 12th
flow during energy build up when the voltage across
harmonic; the undesired 11th and 13th harmonics
each choke is the opposite of what it will be during
are suppressed from the inverter output voltage.
choke discharge of energy. Diodes CR306 and
CR206 prevent excessive voltage spikes when the
2-2. Static Inverter Circuit Description
chokes are switched from energy charge to
The following circuit description refers to figure FO
discharge. The energy charge (choke center tap
2-2, sheets 1, 2 and 3. Circuit paths from one sheet
effectively shorted to ground) cycle of the chokes is
to another are referred to in this discussion as
accomplished by utilizing power switch transsistors
schematic points (
Q206, Q207, Q208, Q306, Q307 and Q308. These
a. High Level Boost. Input voltage from the EMI
transistors recieve base drive power from current
filter is fed to input chokes L201 and L301 (see fig.
drive transformers T201 and T301.
FO 2-2, sheet 1) and the center tap of each choke is

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