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Page Title: Section I. INTRODUCTION
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1-1. Scope
PE -- Support equipment procured and stocked for
This manual lists repair parts and special tools
initial issue or outfitting to specified main-
required for the performance of organizational
tenance repair activities
maintenance of the PP- 1703/U. The PCCN for the
PF Support equipment which will not be stocked
PP-1703/U is GTBAAS for all models.
but which will be centrally procured on
1-2 General
This repair parts and special tools list is divided into
P G --  Item procured and stocked to provide for
the following sections:
sustained support for the life of the
a. Prescribed Load Allowance (PLA) - Section II.
equipment. It is applied to an item
Not applicable.
peculiar to the equipment which because
b. Repair Parts List - Section III. A list of repair
of probable discontinuance or shutdown of
parts authorized for the performance of mainte-
production facilities would prove un-
nance at the organizational leveL This repair parts
economical to reproduce at a later time.
list is arranged in alphabetical order.
KD  -- An item of depot overhaul/repair kit and not
c. Special Too/s, Test and Support Equip-
purchased separately. Depot kit defined
ment-Section IV. Not applicable
as a kit that provides items required at the
d. Index - Federal Stock Number and Reference
time of overhaul or repair.
Number Cross-Reference to Figure and Item
K F -- An item of a maintenance kit and not
Number-Section V. A list, in ascending numerical
purchased separately. Maintenance kit
sequence, of all Federal stock numbers appearing in
defined as a kit that provides an item that
the listings, followed by a list, in alphameric
can be replaced at organizational or direct
sequence, of ail reference numbers appearing in the
support or general support levels of
listings. Federal stock number and reference num-
bers are cross-referenced to each illustration figure
KB  -- Item included in both a depot over-
and item number or reference designation appear-
haul/repair kit and a maintenance kit.
MO   Item to be manufactured or fabricated at
organizational leveL
1-3. Explanation of Columns
MF  -- item to be manufactured or fabricated at
The following provides an explanation of columns in
direct support maintenance leveL
the tabular lists --
MH  -- Item to be manufactured or fabricated at
a Source, Maintenance, and Recoverability Codes
general support maintenance leveL
MD  -- Item to be manufactured or fabricated lt
(1) Source code. Indicates the manner of acquir-
depot maintenance leveL
ing support items for maintenance, repair, or
AO -- Item to be assembled at organizational leveL
overhaul of end items. Source codes are--
A F Item to be assembled lt direct support
maintenance leveL
PA --  Item procured and stocked for anticipated or
A H -- Item to be assembled at general support
known usage.
maintenance leveL
PB Item procured and stocked for insurance
AD  -- Item to be assembled at depot maintenance
Purposes because essentiality dictates
XA  -- Item is not procured or stocked because the
that a minimum quantity be available in
requirements for the item will result in
the supply Systems.
the replacement of the next higher as-
PC -  Item procured and stocked and which
otherwise would be coded PA except that
XB  -- Item is not procured or stocked. If not
it is deteriorative in nature
available through salvage, requisition.
PD -- Support item, excluding support equipment,
xc - Installation drawing, diagram instruction
procured for initial issue or outfitting and
sheet, field service drawing, that is iden-
stocked only for subsequent or additional
tified by manufacturers' part number
initial issues or outfittings. Not subject to
XD_Support items can be requisitioned with
automatic replenishment.

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